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What is stock market or share market

What is share market
What is share market, how do we invest money in share market, you get all the information about it with the help of business sense blog.

What is stock market or share market: – So first we will know what is stock market or share market then we will talk about how you will invest money. Let me break the word share market into two parts first :- Share + Market. In this way you will be able to understand it better. Means such a market where there are many big and small companies and there we buy some part or piece of those companies. In that market, all the listed companies issue shares for some money(may be different for all companies) to sell their shares.

Then those who have knowledge of stock market and share market, they buy or sell those shares and when the price increases, Traders who invest money in share market earn a lot. But when the company incurs losses then they also lose their money.