What are the Benefits of Cattle Farming – Friends, there are many benefits of animal husbandry. As you know, India is an agricultural country where most of the people depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Along with farming, animal husbandry gives many times more benefits to the farmers. In India, most of the farmers do animal husbandry along with farming. Farmers rear many types of animals, mostly milch animals. Among the milch animals, the most reared are a cow, buffalo, goat, etc. Some animals are also reared for meat and eggs. Most of the chickens, goats, and ducks are reared for meat and eggs. Farmers get a lot of benefits by rearing these animals along with farming. Farmers also get a lot of benefits from sheep rearing. The skin obtained from sheep is used to manufacture many types of goods.

What are the Benefits of Cattle Farming
What are the Benefits of Cattle Farming

Apart from all these, there are some animals that are reared for carrying goods, plowing fields, and moving from one place to another. Rearing of these animals saves on transportation expenses and also brings profit in farming. Farmers rear animals like bulls, horses, mules, and camels in abundance. These animals, along with agricultural goods, also help the farmers in moving from one place to another. The government also encourages farmers to do animal husbandry from time to time. Under the Kisan Credit Card, loans are also given to farmers for animal husbandry and farming. Let me now tell you what are the benefits of cattle farming.

What are the Benefits of Cattle Farming

Friends, although there are many benefits of cattle farming, I am going to tell you some such benefits which are more important.


There would hardly be any house in India where cow, buffalo, or goat milk is not used. Whether you want to feed milk to a child, make sweets, or make tea, milk is required for everything. Many types of sweets and vegetables are made from milk. Yes, everyone likes paneer curry made from milk. Overall, the demand for milk is very high not only in India but also in foreign countries. Today milk is being sold at Rs 65 per liter per kg. Farmers get good profits by selling milk.

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Another big benefit of cattle farming is organic manure. Organic fertilizers are many times more beneficial and safe than chemical fertilizers. While the use of chemical fertilizers causes many diseases, organic fertilizers take care of health. Farmers are now focusing on the use of organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. Inflation is another major reason for the use of organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer can be prepared by yourself at a very low cost. Chemical fertilizers are very expensive. Most organic fertilizers are prepared from cow and buffalo dung. Apart from this, fertilizer is also prepared from goat and chicken droppings.

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In other farming activities

Friends, bulls, donkeys, and many other animals help in various farming tasks. A lot of money is spent on plowing the field with a tractor. But if plowing and sowing of fields is done with the help of bulls, then farming gets a lot of benefits. Bulls have been used for plowing fields since ancient times. Animals like mules or donkeys help in carrying agricultural goods from one place to another.

Eggs and Meat

Today, about 65 percent of people in India consume non-vegetarian food. The demand for meat and eggs is very high in India. Ducks and chickens are considered best for meat and eggs. In rural areas as well as in urban areas, chickens are reared on a large scale for eggs and meat.

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Increase in income

There is a tremendous increase in income from animal husbandry. If farmers do animal husbandry along with farming, then there is a reduction in the expenses incurred in farming. If a person rearing animals does not do farming, then money can be earned by selling the feces and urine of animals. Along with farming, animal husbandry is considered the best method. Money can be saved by feeding straws from wheat farming to cows. Overall, doing both things together is beneficial.

Other Benefits

As I told you, there are many benefits to animal husbandry. Even after the death of the animal, its skin, bones, and horns are used in valuable decorative items. Also, wool is obtained from some animals.

In this post, I have told you in detail what are the benefits of cattle farming. I hope you like this information very much. You can share this post by clicking on the button below. Stay tuned to our blog for such information.

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