Sugar Cane Farming in India

Sugar Cane Farming in India: Sugarcane cultivation or Farming is mostly done in Brazil, and India is in second place in sugarcane cultivation. Hello, Sugarcane cultivation in India comes under cash crops. Sugarcane is used in India for sugar, jaggery, etc. However, apart from this, people also like sugarcane juice very much in India. It is considered one of the safest crops because climate change does not have any significant effect on this crop. If you want to do sugarcane farming from the point of view of business, then definitely read this post completely. Through this article, you will get complete information about what are the benefits of sugarcane farming in India and how it is cultivated.

Sugar Cane Farming in India
Sugar Cane Farming in India

How to cultivate sugarcane (sugarcane cultivation in India)

Sugar Cane Farming in India is very beneficial from a business point of view. It is often seen that farmer brothers cultivate sugarcane in a traditional way, but in modern times the methods of sugarcane cultivation have changed which can bring more benefits to the farmer brothers. That’s why it is necessary that the farmers increase the production of sugarcane by cultivating sugarcane in a new way.

Requirements for Sugarcane Farming in India

  1. Loamy soil is considered better for sugarcane cultivation but it can be done on any kind of fertile land.
  2. The pH value of the land should be normal.
  3. Where you want to do sugarcane farming, it is mandatory to have drainage facilities, otherwise, excessive water can harm sugarcane farming.
  4. Sugarcane cultivation is considered suitable for dry and humid climates.
  5. Temperature between 21 to 27 CENTIGRATE is considered better for sugarcane cultivation. Because sugarcane starts getting spoiled when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius.
  6. Deep and rich soils are suitable for sugarcane cultivation.
  7. Choose a better and improved sugarcane variety.

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Sugarcane Variety List

co. 7314, Karan 4, Co-15023, Ko. J. N. 9823, Co Pant 12226, Ko. Jawahar 94-141, Nayana, Ko.7318, Ko. 6304, Ko. 8209, Ko. 87010, Co.Jawahar 86-2087 etc.

Soil Preparation for Sugarcane Cultivation

The best time for sugarcane farming is October and November. , Apart from this, sugarcane is also cultivated in February and March. Before starting sugarcane cultivation, the field has to be plowed. Manure should be added after deep plowing of the field. It would be appropriate to use old cow dung as manure. After that, the manure is mixed well in the soil. After mixing the manure, plowing is done by applying water so that the moisture remains intact in the soil. After that, the soil is made loose with the help of a rotavator so that the roots of sugarcane can go deep and get proper nutrients. Then the soil is made equal.

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Which Type of Crop is Sugarcane

Sugarcane comes in the Kharif crop. It takes 1 year to get ready for this crop. This crop is tropical and sub-tropical. A temperature of 21 to 27 degrees centigrade is required for sugarcane cultivation.

Sugarcane Fertilizer

The proper amount of nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus is required for sugarcane cultivation, so use these fertilizers for good yield. Tell you that before sowing sugarcane, a sprinkling of “N.P.K” is necessary as per requirement. After that, when the crops start growing (after about 2 months), then it is necessary to spray Sulfur WDG mixed with water.

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The right method of planting sugarcane crop

Now I will tell you how to transplant sugarcane crops. 8 to 10 months old sugarcane stalks are considered appropriate for sugarcane seeds. Keep in mind that sugarcane should be of an advanced variety and should not be suffering from any disease. Suppose you want to cultivate sugarcane in about 1 hectare of land, then you will need at least 60 to 70 quintals of sugarcane sticks. As I told you that sugarcane is planted twice a year. So you can choose the best time according to the temperature and climate of your place. Keep in mind that before sowing the sugarcane seeds, keep the soil of the field moist.

You can plant 12 buds of sugarcane in about 1 meter. And this should also be kept in mind by the farmer brothers that keep a distance of at least 90 cm between two rows so that the crop can grow properly.

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Sugar Cane Crop Diseases

Candua disease

This is a common disease in sugarcane plants, due to the effect of this disease, sugarcane plants become tall, black, and thin. Carbendazim or Carboxin is sprayed to protect plants from this disease.

Canker Sores

When the sugarcane plants are affected by this disease, a white-colored fungus appears when the inner part of the sugarcane is ripped open. To save sugarcane from this disease, Carbendazim is sprayed on the roots of sugarcane.

Whitefly Attack

Whiteflies are often seen on sugarcane, they suck the juice of sugarcane, due to which the plants start drying up. It would be better to spray acetamiprid to protect sugarcane from whitefly.

This article has complete information about “Sugar Cane Farming in India”. If you have any other questions then ask through the comment

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