Innovative business ideas in India

Innovative Business Ideas in India:- Friends, in today’s special post, I will tell about some such business ideas which will help unemployed people through innovative ways. Friends, through the top 2 Innovative business ideas that I am going to tell you, you can earn a lot, so read this post till the end. These business ideas will surely help you in making your future. Friends, you must have heard about many types of business and you may be in some business now. But today, with the help of Business Sense Blog, you will get information about some such innovative business ideas from which you can earn well with less investment.

Innovative business ideas in India
Innovative business ideas in India

2 Innovative business ideas in India

So friends, here I am going to tell you 2 such innovative business ideas in which you will have to invest very little money or you can start these businesses in India even without investment. So read these business ideas carefully so that you do not have to face any problems later.

Ebook Business

Ebook Business:- Ebook Business can prove to be a very profitable business for you in the online world. In today’s time, every person has a smartphone and internet connection, and in such a situation, this innovative business idea can make you rich in a very short time. All you need is some skills. So what is Ebook and how can you start Ebook Business? Let me tell you in detail.

What is an Ebook?

The full form of Ebook is an “electronic book”. Such a book that is in digital form and can contain text, images, etc. which can be read only with the help of an electronic device (like a smartphone and computer, etc.) is called an eBook.

How to Start an Ebook Business

Every person has interest and knowledge in some particular field, if you also like to write, like to share your ideas, then this Innovative business idea can give you a lot of money along with knowledge. Ebooks are mainly in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and KPF formats. So for an eBook business, you just have to make an eBook and sell it. So how to make an eBook? Or how to sell eBooks? Its information is given below.

How to make an eBook

You must have a computer or smartphone to make an eBook. Start writing content on whatever field you are interested in. Making an eBook is very easy, but you need good content to make an eBook. You can make eBooks on any topic like- Business, Blogging, Cooking, Technology, etc. But keep in mind that before making an eBook, do good research on that topic. You can make eBooks in any language like English, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, etc. You can use popular software like Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Kindle Create, and Google Docs to create eBooks.

How to sell eBooks

When you make an eBook, the question comes, where to sell it? Friends, you must have heard about Amazon’s Kindle eBooks. Amazon is the most famous shopping site in the world. Everything you need is available on Amazon. In such a situation, you can also sell your books through Kindle eBooks, for this, you just have to create an account and publish your book. When people search keywords related to your book on Google, then through that they will be able to buy your book. This is the best in the list of Innovative business ideas in India. If you want, you can promote Ebook by running ads through Google Ads and Facebook. Know here, how to promote the business.

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How to Create an Account on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

  1. At first, you have to create an account on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Fill in all required fields then click on “create your KDP account”.
  2. After that enter, OTP is sent by Email.
  3. Choose your Country code and Enter Your Mobile Number.
  4. Again Enter an OTP sent on the Mobile number.
  5. Accept Terms & Conditions click on Agree Button.
  6. Now you will see “Your account information is incomplete”. Click on Update and fill in all the required filled like:-Business Type, Legal Name, Address, City, Pin Code, Bank Account Details, DOB, Tax Information, etc. Then Click on Save Button.
  7. After that, you are ready to manage, create and publish an ebook. Top 6 Best Small Scale Business Ideas

Sell photos online

Sell photos online:- This Innovative business idea is trending in India these days. Friends, if you are a good photographer then it will be better for you to sell photos online. But of course, for this, you must have a better camera so that you can capture distant photos well. But to sell photos online the photo quality should be good. If you know how to edit photos well, then you can give a new look to your photos by editing them. If there is creativity in your photos and some such moments that attract others, then you can earn good money from such photos. You don’t even have to work very hard to sell your photos online. Let me tell you the names of some such websites where you can easily sell your captured photos online.

  1. Adobe Stock
  2. Canva
  3. Freepik
  4. Getty Images
  5. iStock
  6. Shutterstock
  7. Snapwire
  8. Stocksy
  9. Unsplash

So friends, definitely keep your opinion about “Innovative business ideas in India”. If you need any other information then you can ask through comments.

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