Easy Business Ideas in India 2023:- Friends, are you also searching for Easy Business Ideas? If yes, Then you are at the right place. I am going to tell you some easy business ideas, so do pay attention to them once. Friends, there is no dearth of talents in India, just the right guidance is needed which will take you to great heights. You may do business in any field, but note that it is very important to do market research before starting the business. So friends, in today’s post, I will provide some such easy business ideas which can be started by investing very little money and you will also get a good profit.

Easy Business Ideas in India 2023
Easy Business Ideas in India 2023

Easy Business Ideas List

So without wasting time let me tell you about some of the best new, unique, and easy business ideas.

Popcorn Business

Popcorn Business:- Yes Popcorn business can be started very easily by investing less money. Making popcorn is also very easy, for this, you do not have to work hard. As much as popcorn made from corn kernels tastes delicious, it can give you profits as well. To start working on this Easy Business Idea, you need to buy the popcorn-making machine. You can also buy popcorn machines online. Its price ranges from 10000 to 15000rs. That is, you can work on this easy business idea with very little expense. You will need a cart for this business. It will cost you up to Rs5000 to get the cart made. If we talk about the total expenses in starting this business, then you will have to spend around 20000rs. This was number 1 on the list of Easy Business Ideas.

New Business Ideas In India 2023

Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming Business Idea:- Be it a village or a city, everyone needs milk. This is one of the best and easy business in terms of profit. Milk is used in many Ayurvedic medicines right from feeding children. In such a situation, the Dairy Farming business can prove to be better for you. This business can be started easily but investment in it is high. You will have to pay at least 50 thousand rupees to buy a good breed cow. After that, you can earn a lot of profit by selling cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is easily sold for 45 to 50 rupees per liter.

Village Business Ideas 2023

Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlor:- Who doesn’t like to be adorned? Be it any kind of party, it is the birthright of girls to dress up. Whether it is to get a facial or a haircut, women definitely go to the beauty parlor. In such a situation, you can easily start this business(Easy Business Ideas) from a small beauty parlor shop. You will find all the information related to the beauty parlor in the link below. There is only profit in this business. But keep in mind that when you start the business, do it only in such a place where women’s feel comfortable to go.

Details:-How to Start Beauty Parlour

Petticoat or Saya Business

Petticoat or Saya Business:- This business can be started easily. This is the best in the list of Easy Business Ideas. But only for those who are interested in this field. To start this business, you will have to invest up to 50000rs initially. To start this business, you have to buy at least 2 sewing machines. After that, with the help of the women of your house or you can stitch the Saya and sell it in the shops. Pay attention that you should use only the best quality cloth for the Saya or Petticoat.

The cost of one Petticoat in the market is around Rs.120. A Petticoat is made of 2 meters of cloth. The cost of 2 meters of cloth is around Rs.65 through the hall sale shop. You can easily sell the Saya stitched by you in the saree shop. The saree shopkeepers buy your Saya for Rs.100 per piece. In this case, you save up to Rs.35 on 1 piece of Petticoat.

How to Start Saya Business! Top 3 Business Ideas

E Rickshaw Business

E Rickshaw Business: – It is number 5 on the list of easy business ideas. You can easily start this business. However, to start this business, you will have to invest a considerable amount. Due to increasing pollution e rickshaw is being used more. The government is also giving more emphasis on the use of e-rickshaws. The special thing is that you do not have to buy petrol for E Rickshaw, it runs on battery. To start this business, you may have to spend up to 1.5 lahks. If you want to run an e-rickshaw yourself, then you can also start this business with a secondhand e-rickshaw. If you run e rickshaw yourself then you will save more. You can charge up to 15 to 20 rupees for a distance of 6 km from the customer. Due to the absence of petrol, there are only savings in it.

How to Start e rickshaw Business

“Easy Business Ideas in India 2023” I hope, This easy and unique business idea may help you to choose your best business. Business Sense

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