How to start e rickshaw business : – e Rickshaw means electronic rickshaw, due to increasing pollution and inflation, the demand for e rickshaw has increased a lot! Government of India has advised to use e-rickshaws more due to increasing pollution. The arrival of e rickshaw has reduced the level of pollution as well as saved the middle class people from emptying their pockets. As you also know that the pedal rickshaw drivers used to charge arbitrary fare from us. But after the advent of e rickshaw, our money as well as time is saved. And this is the reason why the demand for e rickshaw is increasing continuously.

How to Start e rickshaw Business

What is e rickshaw

What is e rickshaw :- What is e Rickshaw and how to do e Rickshaw business. If you have come with these questions, then this post is very special for you, you will get answers to all your questions here, so read this post till the end. The name of e Rickshaw itself shows that it is not a petrol or diesel driven vehicle. So you must be wondering how e Rickshaw runs. Actually e Rickshaw runs on battery. When the battery of e Rickshaw gets discharged, we charge it again through electricity and that is why its name is e Rickshaw. e Rickshaw’s maximum speed depends on its company and price. But talking about the average speed, it runs between 20 to 40 kilometers per hour!

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What is e Rickshaw Business

What is e Rickshaw Business :- e Rickshaw business is done in many ways. One is that if you drive e Rickshaw yourself then you charge the rent from the customer and the other is by taking the dealership! Both the ways of business depend on your financial condition. If your budget is less then you can buy single e Rickshaw and run it yourself! If you drive e Rickshaw yourself then there is a lot of savings in it! You can charge up to Rs 10 from the customer for a distance of just 4 to 5 kms. The special thing is that neither petrol nor diesel is needed in it. Let me tell you that how will you start the business of e Rickshaw?

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What is e rickshaw Dealership

What is e rickshaw dealership :- e rickshaw dealership means that you sell e rickshaw to the customer and the customer gives you money. Getting an e rickshaw dealership is not that easy. First of all you should have enough money and secondly enough land only then you can think about this business. Because you may have to spend a lot of money for e rickshaw dealership. For any agency to run smoothly, we need money and all the things related to it which are easily available.
For e rickshaw dealership also you should have enough land for parking. There is never any slowdown in the business of vehicles because it is our daily requirement whether you have to go to market or mall.

How to take e rickshaw Dealership

How to take e rickshaw dealership :- First of all keep in mind that e rickshaw dealership can be given only when you have enough land on the roadside. Not only this, if you want to try for e rickshaw dealership in the village, then it is not possible because e rickshaw dealership can be given only for such places where there is a crowd of people like market or on the side of the main road!

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How to apply for e rickshaw Dealership

How to apply for e rickshaw dealership :- Now I will tell you how can you get e rickshaw dealership. There are many companies manufacturing and selling e rickshaw in India like Mahindra, Baba E Rickshaw, Skyride E Rickshaw, Kinetic Green etc. You go to their official website and click on the apply for e rickshaw dealership button and fill all the important things like your name, address, city, phone number, email, annual turnover, type of dealership etc. After that the company will call you to get all the information. Let me tell you that the dealership cost of all the companies is different, so when the call comes, do take all the information. For information, let me tell you that you may have to invest 20 to 25 lakhs for e rickshaw dealership!

E rickshaw Business

E rickshaw Business :-If you want to drive e rickshaw yourself. Even then you will get a lot of profit in this business. You can buy 1 e rickshaw in the beginning and as your profit increases you can buy another e rickshaw! You will get an e rickshaw of a good company for 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh. Keep in mind that whenever you go to buy an e rickshaw, buy it only after seeing its features. You can earn daily from minimum 700 to 1000 in a day. And when your earning starts increasing, then you can buy many e rickshaws and get it run from someone.

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