12 Unique Business Ideas List 2023

12 Unique Business Ideas: Hello friends, how are you all, hope you will be fine. Through this post, I will tell you in detail about “12 unique business ideas” that can change your life. If you also want to start a unique business, then these “12 unique business ideas” will help you to choose your favorite business. To start and grow any business, it is very important that choose the business in the same field in which you are interested. These business ideas will not only help you in choosing the right business, but with these ideas, you can also increase the growth of your business. Because, in this post, I am also going to provide you with information related to the advertisement of the business. For the growth of any business, it is very important to promote it. Due to the high competition in the market, you have to pay a lot of attention to the advertisement of your business.

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12 Unique Business Ideas List 2023
12 Unique Business Ideas List 2023

12 Unique Business Ideas That Anyone Can Start Along With Students

These 12 unique business ideas are the best which provide you with bright future prospects. You can make your future bright by choosing one of these 12 unique business ideas.

12 Unique Business Ideas List

Tea Business

1. Tea Business:- This is number one in our list of “12 Unique Business Ideas“. This is an evergreen business. The number of tea drinkers in India is much more than the number of coffee drinkers. In such a situation, this business can prove to be very beneficial in India. Earlier only illiterate people used to do this business, but now MBA and MCA degree holders also do tea business. Actually, there is a lot of profit in the tea business and that is why educated people are also getting attracted to this business. So you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month by starting a tea business. The special thing about this business is that you do not have to invest much in this business. You can start this business with just a small tea stall. It will cost you at least 5000 to 7000rs to set up a small tea stall. But keep in mind that the tea stall should be set up in crowded areas like:- Colleges, markets, Crossroads, offices, etc.

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Medical Store

2. Medical Store: – In today’s time, if there is any business that is most beneficial, then it is the medical store. Yes, the drugstore is also an evergreen business. The possibility of loss in this business is negligible because the demand for medicine will never decrease. Often people fall ill due to their wrong eating habits and pollution. In such a situation, this business can make you rich. Although opening a medical store is not that easy, for this you will need a pharmacist registration number and a drug license. You can do this business anywhere in your village or city.

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Kid’s Play School

3. Kid’s Play School:- Often in cities due to lack of time or due to less space for children to play, parents send small children to Kid’s Play Schools. We know this type of school by many names like:- Nursery School, Pre School, etc. You can open Kid’s Play School in two ways, one by taking a franchise and the other by own school. To open your own school, you have to join the Affiliate Program of the State Board. For this, you have to give some important documents and information related to the land. If you want to open a school by taking a franchise, then you can get information by visiting the websites of famous schools. The names of some popular schools are as follows:- Kidzee Play School(kidzee.com), Bachpan Play School(bachpanglobal.com), etc. But you have to pay a considerable amount to take the franchisee. This amount can be from 5 to 15 lakhs.

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Business Idea of Cochin Center

Coaching Center

4. Coaching Center:- You must also know very well what is the importance of education. In today’s era, education plays a major role in making any business successful. When you are educated, your behavior and style are different from others, not only this, you can accelerate the growth of any business through your knowledge. And this is the reason that today parents do not hesitate to spend money on the education of their children. To open a Coaching Center, you must have complete knowledge of a particular subject. Apart from this, you will also need other subject teachers. You may have to spend up to 5 lakhs to open a Cochin center. If you have your own land, then the expenditure will be very less.

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Mobile Repair Shop

5. Mobile Repair Shop: – In today’s era, every person has a smartphone. You must have seen many people using more than one mobile phone. In such a situation, it is common for the mobile to get damaged, broken, and software corrupt. You can also start this business in your local market by learning mobile repairing work. For this, many institutes offer courses ranging from 3 months to 6 months. It will cost you 8 to 10 thousand to learn mobile repairing. After that, you can easily earn 40 to 50 thousand in a month from this business from a small shop.

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6. Gym:- Whether to impress girls or to keep yourself healthy, often people join the gym. Now even girls go to the gym to keep themselves fit. In such a situation, if you like to make the body, then you can earn a lot by opening a gym center. You will have to invest a lot of money in this business. To open a gym center, you may have to spend up to 5 lakhs on the necessary equipment.

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Car Rent Business

7. Car Rent Business: – It is at number 7 on the list of 12 unique business ideas. Although there are many expenses in this business, there is also a lot of earning. If you want to start this business then you have to buy at least 3 to 4 cars. Whether it is a wedding or a party, a car is definitely needed. You can easily get 3000 to 4000 rupees for booking a car for weddings. If you want, you can open your own shop and take car bookings. This will benefit you more. Apart from this, you can also contact other four-wheeler vehicle owners, in return they can take up to 50% of your earnings. Still, you have a lot of profit in this business.

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General Store

8. General Store: – A place where you can easily get essential household items in one place. You can also start this business in your village. In this business, you may have to spend up to 3 to 4 lakhs in the beginning. But if you are doing this business in the city then this cost can increase further. Although it depends on the size of your shop. Keep in mind that you should buy all the things related to the general store from a wholesaler only.

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Poultry Farm

9. Poultry Farm: This is also one of the 12 unique business ideas. About 65% of people in India consume non-veg at some time or the other. In such a situation, this business can give you a lot of profit. You can do this business anywhere in the village or city. But in this business, you have to invest a lot of money. If you have your own land then this business can be very profitable for you. You can start this business with a minimum of 100 to 150 chickens. From the point of view of business, Aseel, Kadaknath, Chittagong, Swarnath, etc. breeds of chicken are considered better. How you can start a poultry farming business going into detail here.

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Gift Store

10. Gift Store:- Yes, the business of gift stores can make you rich. Whether it is a birthday or marriage anniversary, people always buy gifts. But keep in mind that the gift store should be opened only where the crowd of people gathers more. You can buy all the gift items from any wholesale seller. It will cost you around 3 to 4 lakhs to start this business. This amount includes turbans as well as gift items from the shop.

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Mushroom Cultivation

11. Mushroom Cultivation:- This is also one of the unique business ideas. Mushrooms rich in Vitamin D, B, Potassium, and Iron are cultivated on a large scale in India. It boosts immunity as well as strengthens bones. You can also earn a lot from its cultivation. How to do mushroom cultivation and how much income can be earned from its cultivation.

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Franchise Business Idea

12. Franchise Business Idea: -It is trending in the list of 12 unique business ideas. You can start a business by taking a franchisee of any company. If you like to cook or feed, then you can take the franchisee of the company related to fast food. You can open fast food shop by taking a franchise from Batido company. Here is the complete information about how you can take the franchise of Batido company and how much it will cost.

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You should choose any one of these “12 unique business ideas” considering your financial condition and your interest


What are the most successful business ideas?

These 12 unique business ideas are the most successful businesses.

  1. Tea Business 2. Mushroom Cultivation

What small businesses are most successful?

Tea business is the most unique and successful business

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