Goat Farming Business in India 2023: The business of commercial goat farming is rapidly gaining popularity in India due to its proven high profitability. It is one of the finest and most established livestock management departments in the country, with huge market demand and proper spread that ensures fast profitability and sustainability of this business in the long term.

Large and progressive producers, industrialists, businessmen, and companies have adopted commercial goat farming and its market in India.
Goats are among the main meat-producing animals in India, and most people prefer goat meat, resulting in huge domestic demand. Along with meat production, goats are also very useful in the sense of milk and skin production. They produce high-quality manure that helps increase crop production.

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Goat farming business in India 2023
Goat farming business in India 2023

Goats have a great and important contribution to the rural economy, particularly in mountainous, semi-arid, and arid regions of India. More than 25% of livestock in the country comprises goats.

In this article, we will discuss some highly productive goat breeds, benefits, and difficulties of goat farming in India.

Advantages/Benefits of Goat Farming Business in India

Benefits of Goat Farming Business in India
Benefits of Goat Farming Business in India

1. Goat farming in India offers several advantages that make it a highly profitable business venture. Here are some of the benefits of domestic or commercial goat farming:

2. Multi-purpose animal: Goats are multi-purpose animals that can produce milk, meat, fiber, and skin. Therefore, raising goats offers multiple income streams for farmers.

3. Requires less space and infrastructure: Compared to other livestock, goat farming requires less space and infrastructure. They have a low demand for housing and other management. In small-scale production, they can even share their homes with their owners and other livestock.

4. Lower production costs: The production costs for infrastructure, feeding, and treatment are relatively low compared to other livestock.

5. Established market: There is already an established market in the country for marketing goat products. Therefore, farmers do not have to worry about marketing their farm products.

6. Easy maintenance: Goats are easy to maintain compared to other farm animals. They are hardy and can adapt to almost all types of agro-climatic conditions. Diseases are also less common in goats.

7. Faster maturity and growth: Although smaller in size, goats reach slaughter age faster than other livestock, making them a quicker source of income for farmers.

8. No religious taboos: Goat products like meat and milk have no religious taboos and are highly accepted for consumption throughout the world. This ensures a constant demand for goat products in the market.

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In conclusion, goat farming in India is a profitable business venture with a ready market and multiple income streams.

How you can start Goat Farming Business In India

Sirohi Goat

Sirohi goat is a popular breed in Rajasthan, India. They are medium to large-sized goat breeds and are mainly raised for their meat and milk production. An adult male can weigh up to 70-90 kg and a female can weigh up to 40-60 kg. Sirohi goats are hardy, adaptable to different climatic conditions, and resistant to diseases.

Barbari Goat

Barbari goat is a small-sized meat-productive breed from Uttar Pradesh, India. They are also good for milk production. An adult male can weigh up to 45-50 kg and a female can weigh up to 30-35 kg. Barbari goats are very hardy, adaptable to different agro-climatic conditions, and have good resistance to diseases.

Choose a suitable breed according to your production plan, local demand, and the climatic condition of your area.

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Construct Housing For Goat Farming Business In India

Construct Housing For Goat Farming Business In India
Construct Housing For Goat Farming Business In India

After selecting a suitable location and breed, you need to construct a suitable and comfortable house for your goats.

  • Goat housing should be properly ventilated, well-drained, and spacious enough for your goats. The housing should protect your goats from predators and extreme weather conditions. You can construct a house with low-cost materials like bamboo, wood, and hay.
  • Provide proper feeding and watering facilities inside the house. Install proper lighting and temperature control systems if required.

Feeding and Management

goat feeding grass
Goat feeding grass

Feeding and management are the most important factors for successful goat farming in India. Goats are ruminants and they require a balanced diet with essential nutrients for proper growth and production.

Provide good quality and nutritious feed for your goats. The feed should include a mixture of dry and green fodder, concentrates, and mineral supplements. You can also provide your goats with kitchen waste, tree leaves, and agricultural by-products as supplementary feed.

Ensure regular deworming, vaccination, and other health management practices for your goats. Proper sanitation and hygiene should be maintained in the housing and feeding areas.

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Marketing is an important aspect of goat farming in India. You should have a good marketing strategy before starting your goat farming business.

  • Sell your products in local markets, and sell to meat processing companies or dairy industries. You can also sell your products through e-commerce platforms.
  • Join local farmer groups or cooperative societies for better marketing opportunities and collective bargaining power.
  • In conclusion, starting a goat farming business in India requires proper planning, management, and marketing strategy. Select a suitable location, determine your production plan, choose suitable breeds, construct proper housing, provide proper feeding and management, and develop a good marketing strategy for a successful goat farming business in India.

Housing for Goat Farming Business In India

Yes, proper housing is essential for commercial goat farming in India. Here are some important factors to consider when building a goat house:

  • The housing should protect the goats from extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat, cold, rain, or wind.
  • The house should be well-ventilated to ensure fresh air circulation, which is necessary for the goats’ respiratory health.
  • The flooring should be smooth, dry, and easy to clean. Concrete, cement, or brick floors are commonly used in commercial goat farms in India.
  • The house should have enough space to accommodate all the goats comfortably. A general rule of thumb is to allocate at least 10-12 square feet of floor space per adult goat.
  • The house should have separate feeding and watering troughs for each goat, to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • The housing should be divided into separate pens or sections for different groups of goats, such as kids, does, and bucks. This helps to prevent fighting and injuries.
  • The housing should have proper lighting to encourage feed intake and milk production.
  • When designing a goat house, it’s important to consult with an experienced goat farmer or an expert in livestock housing to ensure that the design is suitable for the specific needs of goats.

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Difficulties of Goat Farming Business In India

  • Lack of proper veterinary care and access to veterinary medicines is also a major difficulty in goat farming in India. Goat farmers often face challenges in getting timely treatment for their goats which can lead to increased mortality rates and loss of income.
  • Another challenge is the lack of access to finance and credit facilities for goat farmers, particularly small-scale farmers. This makes it difficult for them to invest in their farms, purchase necessary equipment and materials, and expand their operations.
  • Additionally, there is a lack of proper marketing channels and infrastructure for goat products in many parts of India. This makes it difficult for farmers to sell their products at a fair price and can result in low profitability for their businesses.
  • Lastly, there are environmental challenges such as droughts and floods, which can have a significant impact on goat farming. These challenges can affect the availability of feed and water for goats and lead to decreased productivity and increased mortality rates.

All the information about “Goat farming business in India 2023″ is given above. If you have any other questions in your mind then you can ask through comments.

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