Poultry Farming Business In India 2023

Poultry Farming Business In India:- Poultry farming is an agricultural activity which involves raising different types of domestic birds especially Hens for the production of meat and eggs. In India, poultry farming is a fast-developing sector of agriculture and farming business, with over 3 million farmers practicing this activity. What started as backyard farming has now grown into a techno-commercial industry.

Poultry Farming Business In India 2023
Poultry Farming Business In India 2023

Poultry Farm Business Plan Cost

The cost of starting a poultry farm business in India varies depending on the scale and your aim for the operation. Small-scale poultry farms require an investment of INR 50,000 to 1,50,000, while medium-scale farms require INR 1,50,000 to 3,50,000. For large-scale farms, the investment required is between INR 7,00,000 to 10,00,000.

If you need financial assistance to start your poultry farm, applying for a business loan from a bank is a viable option. While you may borrow funds from friends or family, or apply for government schemes, a bank loan is the best option as it provides tax rebates on the loan amount.

Starting a poultry farm can be a profitable venture if done correctly. You need to consider various factors such as the location, type of birds, feed, and equipment required. You should also plan your marketing strategy and ensure you have a stable market to sell your products.

In conclusion, poultry farming is an activity that requires proper planning and execution to be successful. With the right approach and adequate financing, you can establish a thriving business that can generate profits for years to come.

Starting a Poultry Farm: A Step-by-Step Guide

Poultry farming is an agricultural activity that involves raising domestic birds for their eggs and meat. In India, the poultry farming business is rapidly growing and currently has over 3 million farmers engaged in it. While it initially began as a backyard farming practice, it has now evolved into a full-fledged techno-commercial industry. If you are planning to venture into poultry farming, here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Business Plan for Poultry Farming in India

Step 1: Create a Business Plan
A business plan is an essential roadmap that outlines the strategies and procedures to achieve your business goals. The plan for starting a large-scale poultry farming business should include the following:

  • Finding a suitable location to start the poultry farm business.
  • A list of required equipment.
  • The variety of birds you intend to raise.
  • Details of the production process, such as egg production and broiler breeding.
  • Information on the resources required, including human and financial resources.
  • Marketing and advertising strategies.
  • And of course, Legal clearances are required, like licenses and permissions.

Area Required for Poultry Farms in India

Step 2: Select a Location and Procure the Required Equipment
Finding the appropriate land for your poultry farm is crucial and the most expensive step in setting up your business. The size of the land required varies depending on the type and scale of your operation. There are four primary types of poultry farms:

Free-range Poultry Farm: Requires approximately 12,000 to 36,000 sq. ft. as birds are allowed to move around freely.
Semi-range Poultry Farm: Requires approximately 8000 sq. ft.
Battery Cage Poultry Farm: Requires approximately 6,000 sq. ft. for birds and infrastructure. The birds are not let loose to move around.
Completely Wild Poultry Farm: Requires approximately 44,000 sq. ft. and is similar to the birds’ natural habitat with plenty of trees.
When selecting the location, ensure it is away from the city, is pollution-free, and has easy access to fresh water and a market to buy commodities. It is also advisable to start your poultry farm on your land when commercializing poultry production.

Procuring the necessary equipment for your operation is critical. First, decide which system you will follow as per India’s conditions: intensive system, semi-intensive system, or extensive system.

Best Chicken Breed for Poultry Farming in India

Step 3: Choose the Variety of Birds
India has one of the largest markets for poultry worldwide, with chickens being the primary bird raised. There are over 600 chicken variations globally, and India grows 92 of them for meat and egg production. The three most common chicken categories in India are:

Broiler Chickens: Have a high growth rate and can reach full maturity in eight weeks. They are known for having a high quantity of meat.
Layer Chickens: A unique breed under hens, they begin laying eggs from 18 to 19 weeks and can continue to do so until 72 to 78 weeks. They produce over 250 eggs per year and consume approximately 2.25 kg of feed.
Rooster Chickens: Also known as a cock, they are the male gallinaceous bird. When they are young, they are called cockerels, and they are called a rooster when they become adults. Roosters take time to grow but can guard the hens laying eggs due to their territorial instincts. They can adapt to changing environments and can be conveniently transported.

Step 4: Take Measures for the Care and Management of Poultry Farm
It is crucial to take precautionary measures to ensure your birds’ health and safety, which will help in their proper nurturing and growth. The main threat to a poultry farm is poultry diseases. Provide clean water, nutritious food, and regular vaccinations to your birds to ensure their good health.

License Required for Poultry Farm

Step 5: Obtaining Required Licenses and Permissions for Starting a Poultry Farm

Starting a poultry farm in India requires certain legal clearances, and obtaining the necessary licenses and permissions is an essential step. Initially, navigating through the legal aspects of a poultry farm in India could be challenging, but the government is taking steps to support and promote the poultry farm business due to the increasing demand for poultry products. Therefore, with the right legal assistance, one can start and maintain a poultry farm in India without much hassle after obtaining the required permissions and licenses.

Marketing Strategies for Poultry Farming

Step 6: Implementing Effective Marketing and Advertising Strategies

After finalizing the name and designing a unique logo for the business, marketing poultry products in India is relatively easy due to high demand. One can sell the products in the nearest markets and transport them to nearby cities, depending on the production scale.

However, it is essential to have effective marketing and advertising strategies in place to reach a broader audience and increase sales. It can include social media marketing, creating a website or an e-commerce platform, participating in trade shows, and collaborating with local retailers and wholesalers. Word-of-mouth referrals can also be an effective way to promote the business.

In conclusion, starting a poultry farm in India requires careful planning, procuring the necessary licenses and permissions, and implementing effective marketing and advertising strategies. With the right approach, a poultry farm can be a profitable business venture.

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