How to start Mushroom Farming :- Hello friends, you must have tasted mushroom curry. In fact, the taste of mushroom vegetable is somewhat different due to which its demand is increasing day by day in the market. And in such a situation, mushroom farming can prove to be very beneficial for you. Friends, if you are also interested in the business related to agriculture, then it can be very beneficial for you. So today again, welcome to our blog, where I am going to give you all the information related to mushroom cultivation. Friends, if you want, you can do mushroom cultivation at home too! So let’s start:-

How to start Mushroom Farming

What is Mashroom

What is Mashroom :- So first of all we will tell you what is mushroom, why it is in high demand in the market. If you are thinking that mushroom is a plant, then you are thinking absolutely wrong, in fact it is a fungus. You must have heard about many diseases caused by fungus. But we use this fungus in food. It is also called Kukurmutta in Hindi. As tasty as it is to eat, it has emerged as the best business for the farmers. It is also known by many names in India like Chhata, Futu, Pihiri etc. Talking about its shape, it looks exactly like an umbrella. And for this reason it is also called Chhata in many places. It is fleshy but it is considered vegetarian.

What is Mashroom

Health Benefit

Mushroom is very good for our health, many types of nutrients are found in it like: – Zinc, Vitamin D, Protein etc. Along with this, mushrooms have antioxidant properties, it also boosts our immunity.

Mushroom price in market

Mushroom price in market : – Mushrooms are sold very expensive in the market and this is the reason why it is the first choice of agriculture business. The price of 1kg mushroom in the market ranges from around 150 to 300 (there are many types of mushrooms, the price depends on their type). Despite being so expensive, people like to eat mushroom, due to which its demand is increasing in the market. To know how to do mushroom business read this article completely!

Mushroom price in market

Mushroom Farming | Why button mushroom

How to start Mushroom Farming :- Friends, the demand for button mushroom farming is the highest in India, so button mushroom farming will be better for business! About 70% of people in India eat only button mushrooms. Cultivation of button mushroom is better only in the cold season i.e. if you cultivate it between oct-feb then there will be better results. You will need compost manure for button mushroom.

Compost preparation for button mushroom

Compost preparation for button mushroom

Let us now tell you how you will prepare compost manure!
You need straw to make compost, wheat straw would be more appropriate. But also keep in mind that you must add chicken or goat bits to the straw. Apart from this, you have to mix calcium ammonium nitrate in it for better results but not more than 1 to 5% only.

Materials for making Compost Manure

Let us explain by making a chart.
Straw (mustard, wheat, paddy) – 200 kg
Bran (wheat) – 10 kg
Urea (chemical fertilizer) – 2 kg
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate – 5 kg
Gypsum – 9 kg

Method of making button mushroom compost :- First of all you have to spread a thick layer (about 7 to 9 inches) of straw on the ground. Keep in mind that there should always be moisture in the straw. You have to wet the straw at an interval of every two days. The seeds will be able to germinate properly only when they are wet. Only cool places are suitable for its cultivation, but sufficient light is also necessary. If there is no bulb in the room or compound, then definitely install the bulb.

Benefits of Mushroom ! Benefits of eating Mushrooms

Benefits of eating Mushrooms

Benefits of eating mushroom :- Mushrooms have many benefits, Mushrooms boost our immunity system by which we avoid the effects of many diseases. Apart from this, boiled mushroom also plays an important role in reducing your weight. Carbohydrates are found in very small amounts in mushrooms, which is also very beneficial for sugar patients . It is also beneficial in Stomach pain, gas problems. If you do mushroom cultivation, you can get a very good income from it.

What is Manure and Fertilizer

Disadvantages of eating Mushroom

Disadvantages of eating mushroom : -Where there are so many benefits of mushrooms, there are many disadvantages of eating mushrooms, eating mushrooms can also cause you many diseases, so let’s tell which are those diseases.

  1. Let me tell you that some mushrooms are also poisonous, so keep in mind that whenever you eat mushrooms, eat them only after buying them from the market.
  2. If you are in pregnancy period then you must avoid eating mushroom . Or consume it only after the advice of the doctor.
  3. Excessive consumption of mushrooms can make your heart beat faster. Sometimes mushroom consumption also causes vomiting.

Frequently asked questions:-

Button mushroom earns well, if you spend 1 lakh in this business, you can earn double.

  1. How much time mushroom take to grow
    Ans :- Button mushroom may take 60 to 70 days .
  2. Money requirement for mushroom farming
    Ans :- If you spend 1 lakh in this business, you can earn double.
    3 . Is mushroom high in demand?
    Ans :- Mushrooms specially button mushrooms demand is very high in india .
    4 . How do I start a mushroom farm?
    Ans :- You can start button mushroom business in 50 to 100 square feet area . But keep in mind cold season is best for mushrooms .
    5 . Is mushroom cultivation a profitable business?
    Ans :- Yes, If your start cultivation of button mushroom in 100 square feet area then you can earn up to 5 lakh per year . Know more aboout Mushroom on Wikipedia

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