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What is Manure

What is Manure give Example

Manure :- The substances we use to maintain the fertility of the soil are called manure. Means the substance which increases the yield of crops or keeps the crop healthy is called manure. Let me tell you that the manure is considered best for farming because it is a natural thing which does not harm the soil in any way. Manure includes rotten vegetables, leaves, grass, cow dung, compost, vermicompost, which are obtained naturally. Humus is available in large quantity from the manure which ensures the quality of the soil. Apart from this, many types of nutrients are obtained from natural manure like nitrogen, potassium which prevents many diseases occurring in crops and strengthens the roots. Manure is also easy to use, you can make it through cow dung that is easily available in village , whereas chemical fertilizers are very expensive.

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What is chemical Fertilizers or Fertilizer

What is chemical fertilizers give examples

Chemical Fertilizer OR Fertilizer :- What are chemical fertilizers used for? Chemical fertilizer also works in the same way as manure … it is also used to increase the yield of crops. But its advantage is less than its disadvantages. Chemical fertilizers do not provide Humus to the soil, they get absorbed in the soil very soon even in light moisture. It is used in the development of plants in many ways, such as, by pouring and sprinkling on the roots of plants, it contains potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus which is essential for the development of plants. They develop crops very quickly as compared to manure but sadly they disappear from the soil very soon. Not only this, due to the use of chemical fertilizers, we have to face many problems like: untimely hair fall, disturbance in the digestive system etc. Examples of Chemical fertilizer are :- Urea, Ammonium phosphate, Ammonium nitrate etc.

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What is Bio fertilizer and bio fertilizers examples : –

Bio fertilizer : – Now we will tell you what is bio fertilizer. Bio fertilizers are much less harmful than chemical fertilizers. These are also like natural fertilizers which are used instead of chemical fertilizers. Bio fertilizer is made by micro-organisms which plays an important role in increasing the yield of crops. Talking about the definition of bio-fertilizer, it can be said that the fertilizer in which micro-organisms are present in the living state. These are bacteria that absorb the nitrogen present in the air and transmit nitrogen to the plants. Let us tell you that organic fertilizers are made in a completely natural way, due to which it has no disadvantages. Examples of Bio Fertilizers are : – Rhizobium, Azospirillum, Azotobacter, BGA etc.

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Difference between Manure and Fertilizers with example :-

Difference between Manure and Fertilizers with example :-

Chemical fertilizers disadvantages & Making Manure from Cow Dung

Difference between Manure & Chemical Fertilizer :- Now we will talk about differences between these two mostly used yield enhancers :-
As I told you that manure is best for the soil, yes it is absolutely true, there are many benefits of manure, these are:-

  1. Manure can be easily found without spending money. If you are a farmer and you have a cow, then you can use cow dung as manure, what you have to do is dig deep on the ground, and add Add cow dung and add water as well. It may take some time to rot. After 2 months you can use it as manure. But you have to buy chemical fertilizers, not every farmer can buy chemical fertilizers because they are very expensive.
  2. Manure can be obtained in a completely natural way, but fertilizers are prepared in big factories.
  3. Fertilizer kills the micro-organisms present in the soil, which makes the soil fertile in a natural way. But manure is not harmful in any way.
  4. Also, fertilizer plays an important role in polluting soil and groundwater, but fertilizer does not pollute groundwater.
  5. Manure enables the soil to bind water for a longer period of time .But chemical fertilizers do not have these properties.

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