Bagayat Kheti :-Hello, if you are from Gujarat then you must know about Bagayat Kheti. In today’s article, I will tell you about Bagayat Kheti in detail. What is Bagayat Kheti? And why it was named Bagayat Kheti, these things will be explained to you in detail. On January 19, 2021, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced under bagayat kheti (Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas Mission). The main objective of this bagayat kheti is to double the income of farmers and generate employment. To know more read this article from beginning to end .

Bagayat Kheti

Bagayat Kheti in Gujarati

Bagayat kheti in gujarati :- The word bagayat is widely used in Gujarat. Which means gardening. That is, mainly horticulture is called bagayat kheti. Let us tell you that medicinal crops and fruit flowers are cultivated under bagayat kheti. Under the Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas Mission, barren land is used for bagayat kheti. Let us tell you that this Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas Mission has been implemented on 98 lakh hectares of land. This land is not suitable for growing vegetables and this is the reason that under a special mission the government has started giving this land on lease for bagayat kheti.

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Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas Mission

Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas Mission is also known as ” Horticulture Development Mission ” Let me tell you that in 2021, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani started the Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas Mission. Whose main objective was to do bagayat kheti on barren land and to plant herbal plant. Along with this, it will also provide employment opportunities. Let me tell you that for bagayat kheti, first the government will give priority to the farmers only! The lease amount of Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas Mission will be 100 to 500 rupees which is per acre per year.

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What medicinal plants and fruits will be cultivated in Bagayat Kheti?

While implementing this scheme, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had said that mainly guava, jamun, medicinal plants and beneficial fruit trees would be planted under Bagayat Kheti. Which will also generate employment in the coming times and will also keep us away from diseases. Let us tell you that in the first phase barren land of five districts of Gujarat has been included in which 1.Kutch 2.Surendrangar 3.Patan 4.Banaskantha 5.Sabarkantha
First of all Bagayat Kheti will be done on the unfertile land of these districts. After that, cultivation will start on unfertile land of other districts as well. Again the government will survey about 30 thousand hectares of land and will provide the survey number so that work can be started on it soon. Know more on gov website of gujrat .

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