Hello, welcome to our blog Business Sense, friends, today I am going to share an interesting topic with you, yes, how will you do shopping on Flipkart. Friends, in today’s time, people want their essential things to be easily available while sitting at home, in such a situation, Flipkart is a great tool through which you can easily order any item online sitting at home. Friends, today Flipkart has become a huge shopping portal where you can easily get all kinds of products.

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Friends, in today’s time online shopping has become a fashion. Today everyone has smartphones in their hands, so that people can easily do shopping without any special effort. Even shopping sites give many options like if you want low price products then there are price filter options too. Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho are very popular in India. Most of the people buy products through these sites. These sites offer great products at low prices, due to which people avoid bargaining in the shop. Not only this, sites like Flipkart also give you the option of cash on delivery. That is, when your goods reach home then you have to pay. In such a situation, people consider Flipkart as the best shopping site.

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How to order in flipkart first time

Flipkart app

Now the question arises that if you have never shopped on Flipkart then how will you start it. So let us tell you in detail that how will you shop on Flipkart for the first time. Friends, for this, first of all you have to download Flipkart Shopping App from Google Play Store. Or you can type in the address bar of your browser. But if you are new then it will be better for you to download from google play store because it is easy to use. When you download Flipkart App from Google Play Store, then you have to register your mobile number there. You will verify with the OTP that will come on the mobile number. After that your number will be registered on Flipkart. Then you have to go to the settings and enter your full address where you will get the orders delivered from Flipkart.

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Flipkart address setting

How to order in flipkart cash on delivery

Flipkart offers cash on delivery options on almost all its products, but there are some products that do not have cash on delivery options. When you order multiple products at the same address, Flipkart considers you a verified shopper and gives you cash on delivery options on all products.

How to check my order in flipkart

How to check my order in flipkart

When you order a product from Flipkart, then the question comes that how will you check the order on Flipkart, where does the order appear on Flipkart, how will we track the order on Flipkart. So let us tell you that after touching on the gear icon at the top right side, you will see the option of orders, where after clicking, all the orders that you have placed will be to check my order in flipkart .

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