Smallest Cow in India: There are many varieties of cows in India. Some cows give more milk, some less, some are heavy weight and bigger and some are smaller than the size of a goat. So in today’s post, I am going to introduce you to one such cow which is very small in size. Friends, it is very common to see cows in the village. As you know that most of the farmers who do farming also keep cows. In fact, rearing a cow is very easy for farmers because the farmers do not have to buy straws. The demand for cow’s milk is not only in India but in the whole world. Often a question arises in people’s minds that which is the smallest cow breed in India. So in today’s special article, I am going to tell about the smallest breed of the cow found in India.

Smallest Cow in India | Size of smallest Cow
Smallest Cow in India | Size of smallest Cow

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India Milk Production Rank

India Milk Production Rank: Hello, you know that India ranks first in the world in the field of milk production. FAOSTAT i.e. Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database has confirmed this. Along with this, the Government of India is continuously encouraging people to expand in the milk production sector. According to 2021-22, India’s contribution to milk production in the world was 24%. Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are at the forefront of milk production in India. 30% of India’s total milk production comes from these two states only. In Uttar Pradesh of India, loans up to 9 lakhs are easily available for dairy-related business through Gopalak Yojana. Although there are some conditions of this scheme like it is mandatory to have a minimum of 5 animals. Also, if your annual income is between 1 to 1.5 lakh, then you can easily get a loan.

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The smallest cow in India

The smallest cow in India: Now let’s talk about the smallest cow in India. The name of India’s smallest cow breed is Punganur. This breed is the smallest cow not only in India but in the world. This species of cow is equal to a goat in stature. Due to their small stature, these cows are famous all over the world. However, according to the reports, these cows are now on the verge of extinction. Its conservation work is going on in many states of India. Foreigners also come to see and buy this cow.

Being a small breed, there is no special problem with its maintenance. It is believed that the milk of the cow of this breed is very beneficial. These cows of the Punganur breed are found in maximum quantity in Andhra Pradesh in India. This breed of Punganur cow is easily sold from 2 lacks to 20 lahks.

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Size of smallest Cow

Size of smallest Cow: The height of the Punganur cow is 1 to 2 feet. These are mostly seen in Andhra Pradesh. This cow is also mentioned in our scriptures. In olden times sages used to keep these cows. In fact, there is no problem in the maintenance of these cows because they are very small in size. The native place of the Punganur cow is considered to be South India. Punganur cow’s milk is full of medicinal properties. The amount of fat in the milk of this cow is very high compared to that of common cows. This cow gives 3 to 4 liters of milk per day.

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Mission Punganur

Under Mission Punganur, efforts are being made to save this Punganur cow breed which has reached the verge of extinction. As a matter of fact, this breed of Punganur is now limited only to Andhra Pradesh, so the government is making every possible effort to save this cow breed. This mission has been started by Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University which is located in ISR Cuddapah district. Know More About Punganur.

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