QR Barcode: The QR code is also called qr barcode. However, it is different from the bar code in many ways. Friends, through this article, we will also tell you the difference between the two. Do you know what is QR barcode? You must have also seen qr codes on many products. Then the question arises in our mind what is a QR barcode and how does it work? Often there are square-shaped boxes on the products on which some patterns are made. Let me tell you that qr barcode contains information related to the products. Also, there can be information about the company by which that product has been made.

QR Barcode
QR Barcode

Full Form

QR code is the short form of Quick Response Code. The purpose of making qr barcodes is to give information related to the company and product to the customers. Many types of information can be attached to QR barcodes such as mobile numbers, company websites, product information in text, etc.

How to Read QR Barcode?

QR barcode is a trademark for a type of matrix barcode. Let me tell you that firstly qr barcode was made for motor vehicles in Japan. However, now a large number of companies in every field are using barcodes to give information about their products. That is, simply put, a QR barcode is used to get complete information about an item. QR barcode cannot be read easily, it can be read only with the help of Smarfone or an eligible machine. QR codes work exactly like bar codes. However, more information can be stored in the QR code. QR code also known as the upgraded version of BARcode.

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History of QR Code

Friends, as I told you that the QR Barcode was first used in Japan. It has been invented by Denso-Wave, a company of Japan’s Toyota Group. In fact, this company used this code for the first time to give information about different parts of the motor and to track it. But with time, as other companies came to know its importance, they also started using it.

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Use of QR Code

Friends, QR Barcode is being used in almost every field today. Now people are using QR codes for their personal use as well. In such a situation, people who do not know about QR Code, they are curious that how and why QR Code is used. So let us tell you its usefulness through some points.

Use & Advantages

  1. Friends, just like bar code, QR code is also used to store data. But more data can be stored in QR codes than in Bar codes. Let us tell you that only about 30 numbers can be stored in the barcode, while about 7089 numbers can be stored in the QR barcode. That is, the storage capacity of a QR Code is much more than that of a Bar Code. Not only this, you can store files along with videos in QR Code. This is the reason why QR Code is being used more and more in today’s time.
  1. In the QR Code, links of blog content, websites, and YouTube videos can also be added.
  2. Businessmen can use QR codes just like a business card. For example, you can add your e-mail id, name, company address, phone number, etc.
  3. The link of the location of your shop, company, etc. can also be easily filled in the QR Code.
  4. QR Code is mostly used to give product information. For example, if your product is being sold in the market, then information about that product is given through QR codes on its wrappers.
  5. It is mostly used for online payment. Like Paytm, Google Pay, etc.
  6. Apart from this, you can also use a QR Code to access your website without a password.
  7. There is no restriction in its use you can use it as many times as you want in a day.
  8. QR Codes can be scanned from any angle.

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Creating a QR Code is very easy. If you also want to create QR Barcode for your company, then for this you have to go to the website given below. From there you can easily create a QR Code.

Generate QR Barcode Here

Friends, complete information about “QR barcode” has been given through this article, if you still have any questions in your mind, feel free to ask through comments. And friends please share this post as much as possible


How do I scan a QR code on my phone?

Ans: You can scan any QR code via your smartphone with the help of a QR code Scanner.

What is QR code full form?

Ans: Quick Response Code

Who invented QR code?

Ans: Denso-Wave (Toyota Group)

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