Tulsi farming business:- Hello, Tulsi farming business is going on in trend nowadays. Where diseases are increasing, the demand for Tulsi leaves, its flowers and seeds is also increasing in the market. The reason is that Tulsi is used in the treatment of many diseases. Tulsi is like a boon for Ayurveda. Tulsi has great importance in Ayurveda. Hindu people worship Tulsi by planting it in the courtyard of their house. Tulsi root and leaves are in great demand in the market. And this is the reason why people are seeing it as a business these days. So today through this article we will tell you how you can earn a lot from Tulsi.

Tulsi Leaves Benefits

Tulsi leaves benefits ! Benefit of Tulsi

Tulsi leaves benefits :- So let us first inform you about the correct information about Tulsi. Tulsi plays a very important role in our daily life. It is very beneficial in many diseases, so let’s know the uses of Tulsi:-

  1. When you ever have cough, cold or sore throat, drinking basil decoction gives you quick relief.
  2. Not only this, Tulsi also increases your immunity system ie the ability to fight against diseases. And when you have a headache, the decoction of basil refreshes your mind.
  3. Research has also revealed that Tulsi also contributes significantly in removing kidney stones.

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Types of tulsi plant

Types of Tulsi plant ! Different Types of Tulsi

Types of tulsi plant: – If you must have noticed that there are many types of basil.

  1. Shyam Tulsi 2 . Rama Tulsi
    1.:- Shyam Tulsi is called the one whose leaves are dark in colour, that is, it appears slightly black, Shyam Tulsi is more beneficial.
    2 :- Ram Tulsi :- Ram Tulsi is called those whose leaves are green.

Climate requirement for Tulsi

Climate requirement for tulsi : – Tulsi plant can grow in all types of environment, but tropical region is more suitable for cultivation because Tulsi gets frostbitten in cold days. Tulsi plant cannot tolerate much cold and dries up soon. That’s why whenever you do Tulsi cultivation, keep in mind that summer and rainy season will be the best.

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Tulsi kaise lagaye

Tulsi kaise lagaye ! How to grow Tulsi

Tulsi kaise lagaye :- Till now I have given you the basic information about Tulsi. Now we will talk about how you will plant Tulsi seeds.

Pay attention to what I am going to tell you about Tulsi cultivation.

Suppose you have 50 kattha land, then you have to prepare its nursery in the last time of February. For this you will need 250 to 350 grams of basil seeds. It will take at least 5 weeks to prepare the nursery. After that in the beginning of April you can plant it in your fields. While planting, pay attention that the distance between the plants should be at least 30 cm, so that their growth will be done properly. You can use cow dung in it as manure. Since its cultivation is considered more appropriate only in the rainy season, there is no need for much irrigation. But if it is not raining then you have to pour water.

Tulsi farming profit

Tulsi farming profit ! Profit Tulsi

Tulsi farming profit :- Come on, as I have given you the example of 50 kattha, so let’s go with this. If you want to do Tulsi farming business in 50 kattha field, then at least you will have to spend 30 to 35 thousand. Because sowing, irrigation and plowing are already very expensive.

How to sell tulsi in market

How to sell tulsi in market : – Now when the plant is ready then the question is how and where will you sell tulsi.

The demand for Tulsi seeds is very high in the market, whereas the oil of Tulsi leaves is sold at Rs.1000 a liter in the market, as well as its seeds are sold at Rs.250 per kg. So overall, there is only profit in this business. Because every part of Tulsi is useful and sellable. Now the question arises that how to sell Tulsi in the market. So let’s give you complete information :- Let us tell you that there are many Ayurvedic companies in India like Patanjali, you can directly do farming for them. For this you have to talk to the company. After that you will not need to take Tulsi to any Mandi market. The company people themselves will come to your khet and take away the goods.

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