Ayesha Thapar is a well-known Indian entrepreneur with several interests. She is the founder and CEO of the Indian Schools of Design and Innovation (ISDI) as well as the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISME) (ISME). Thapar is also an excellent artist and photographer, with work displayed in galleries all over the world. This biography will dive into this multidimensional businesswoman’s life and career.

Ayesha Thapar
Ayesha Thapar

Early Years

Ayesha Thapar was born in 1973 in New Delhi, India. She grew up in a business household and was exposed to the world of entrepreneurship from a young age. Her grandfather, L.M. Thapar, founded the Thapar Group, a conglomerate that engages in a variety of businesses including engineering, chemicals, and textiles.

Education and the Beginnings of a Career

Thapar finished high school at Welham Girls’ School in Dehradun, India. She subsequently went on to study Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design in New York City. Thapar worked as a brand manager for Coca-Cola after finishing her degree, before joining the Zyman Group in 2003.

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Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Thapar established the Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) in Mumbai, India, in 2008. ISDI is a renowned design school in India, offering courses in fashion, product design, and visual communication. Thapar’s ambition was to establish in India a world-class design school capable of competing with the greatest design institutions in the world.

Thapar launched the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISME), a business school in Mumbai, India, in 2013. ISME provides management, entrepreneurial, and leadership training. Thapar’s objective was to establish a business school that could generate graduates who could not just manage but also start firms.

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Creative Activities

Thapar is an outstanding artist and photographer in addition to her business pursuits. Her art has been shown in galleries all around the world, including the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. Thapar’s art is influenced by the environment around her, and she frequently includes natural aspects in her work.

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Philanthropic Initiatives

Thapar is also active in a number of charitable endeavors. She is on the board of the L.M. Thapar Foundation, a philanthropic organization that works in education, healthcare, and sustainable development. The objective of the foundation is to enhance people’s lives in India by providing them with access to education and healthcare.

Thapar is also active in a number of other charity endeavors, including the Teach for India program, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving quality education to disadvantaged children in India. Thapar feels that education is the key to overcoming the cycle of poverty in India and is dedicated to supporting educational efforts.

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Ayesha Thapar was born on December 7, 1976, in Kolkata, India, to a Hindu family. She hails from a renowned corporate family since she is the daughter of Vikram Thapar, Chairman and Managing Director of the KCT Group, an Indian multinational business organization. Ayesha has a well-known interior designer sister named Divya Thapar.

Ayesha Thapar is known for keeping her personal life quiet, and there is little information about her romances or dating past available.

Ayesha Thapar’s net worth is believed to be approximately $300 million because she is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She amassed her fortune through numerous economic activities such as hospitality, real estate, and fashion.

Body Measurements: Ayesha Thapar’s body measurements are not publicly known.

While certain information about Ayesha Thapar’s family, connections, net worth, and physical measurements may be publicly available, it is critical to respect her privacy and avoid making conclusions or spreading rumors based on incomplete or unsubstantiated facts.

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Ayesha Thapar is a versatile entrepreneur who has made important contributions to design, business, and art. Her forays into entrepreneurship, ISDI, and ISME, have altered the landscape of design and business education in India. Thapar’s artistic endeavors and charity initiatives show her desire to make a good difference in society. Thapar continues to inspire the next generation of leaders in India and beyond as visionary entrepreneurs, artists, and philanthropists.

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