12 Unique Business Ideas :- Welcome…Today I am going to introduce you 12 unique business ideas that will make your career. That’s why must read this post completely. Friends, in today’s time, most people are doing business because not everyone can get a government job. In such a situation, doing business is the best option. Through today’s special post, I will tell you about 12 completely new and unique business that will make your future. For any business, we need 2 things, one is money and the other is business sense. If you use your brain properly and choose the right business for yourself, then definitely you will move towards success. The 12 unique business ideas that I am going to tell are trending these days, you can check them according to your interest and investment. Along with this, I will also tell you the details of the 12 business so that you will not have any difficulty in selecting the right business.

12 Unique Business Ideas
12 Unique Business Ideas

12 Unique Business Ideas | What are the things we need to start any business?

Actually it depends on the type of business. But there are also some common things which are essential for all types of business. So first of all we will look at all the important things which are necessary for any business.

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  1. To do any business, we should have sufficient amount of money so that if there is a loss in the business, then we can do another business.
  2. For the success of any business, we have to work hard. If you invest money in a business, then you will have to work hard.
  3. In the beginning of the business, you will also have to advertise whether it is offline or online. Only then your business grows quickly.
  4. And most importantly, before starting any business, it is necessary for you to have all the information about it so that if you get into any trouble later on, you can easily get out of trouble.

So let me now tell you about those 12 unique business ideas that can make your life so read and understand carefully :-

12 Unique Business Ideas Must Read

1.Decoration business

This is such a business which never stops because whether it is a city or a village, there are wedding and party functions. The special thing is that it is very easy to learn the work of decoration, you can also learn the work of decoration absolutely free through any Youtube channel. If you do not want to learn decoration work through Youtube, then you can also learn through any institute in your city. In today’s time, there is a lot of demand for decoration in schools, offices etc. You can make your customers happy by making good decorations only with your unique ideas. If you want, you can also open a small shop so that people can easily contact you. And yes, don’t forget to list your decoration business on Google My Business. If you want to know how you will list your business on Google My Business then see here. Friends, there are many benefits of listing your business on Google My Business, actually Google tells your business to all those customers who live in your area, so your business grows faster. This is on the first position of my 12 unique business ideas

What is Google My Business | Add Call Button

2.Home Tuition Business

Tuition or Cochin is also included in my 12 unique business ideas. Friends, in today’s time teaching has also become a good business. Along with your knowledge, your income also increases a lot by teaching. The special thing is that you can do this business at home only. You can do this business even without investing money. But if you get the pamphlets printed and distributed in your nearby areas, it will be even better. However, it may take some time for this business to settle down. So you can start by teaching some children for free so that people can know you.

3.Poultry farming business

In today’s time, most of the people are fond of non-veg and in such a situation, this business can also make you rich, although in the beginning you will have to invest some money for this business. Yes, you may have to invest 1 to 3 lakhs in this business. Also you need enough land for poultry farm. If you are able to invest so much, then you can earn a lot from Poultry farming. You can earn up to 50000 per month from this business. However, to do this business, you have to pay special attention to some things.

  1. Keep in mind that the poultry farm should be well ventilated.
  2. It is also necessary to arrange nutritious food for the chickens in the food.
  3. You will have to arrange for the packing and transportation.
  4. You have to advertise so that more and more customers can reach you.

4.Flower Business

This is an evergreen business because there is always a demand for flowers in temple, wedding or any kind of party. In weddings, from the bride’s garland to the decoration of Madwa, people demand real flowers because the fragrance of flowers attracts everyone’s mind and because of this, you can get a lot of profit in this business. For this business you will need some money along with land. Easily understand the essential things for this business from the points mentioned below.

  1. You should have at least 2 to 3 kattha land.
  2. Knowledge of farming is also necessary so that the quality of flower remains correct.
  3. Initially you will need seeds, fertilizers, water. It would be better if there is an organic fertilizer. You can see here for information about fertilizers.
  4. Cultivate only those flowers whose demand is high in the market like marigold flower.
  5. You can sell flowers directly in the market or you can also contact flower sellers or decorators to sell them.

5.Medical Store

Friends, medicine is the only thing whose demand never decreases. People often fall ill due to today’s polluted environment and wrong eating habits, in such a situation this business can make you rich by serving people. When people are sick, they neither see time nor money, they go straight to the hospital and they are prescribed many medicines by the doctor. Although you will need a license for this business.

6.Mobile repairing shop

When a person is sick, everyone goes to the doctor, but when our smartphone is damaged, we go to the mobile repairing shop. In today’s time hardly anyone will not have a smartphone. So what is the delay, you have to do 3 or 4 months mobile repairing course and open a shop. There is a lot of profit in this business as well. You have to keep in mind that you must have a laptop so that you can update the software of the smartphone as well. You only need knowledge in this business. And then when your business starts running, you can also sell smartphones.

7.Business of Golgappas

Is your mouth watering after hearing the name of Golgappas? Often you must have seen people selling golgappas at the square intersection. And the maximum crowd there is of girls. Golgappa wala is definitely called in any wedding party. Some people do not forget to eat golgappas even after having a full stomach. So how will you start this business in such a situation? If you do wholesale business then it will be better.

  1. First of all you have to hire a golgappa maker.
  2. You may have to spend up to 50000 initially in Golgappa business.
  3. After that you hire 3 to 4 people.
  4. Do not forget to put your phone number on the cart on which you are selling Golgappa.
  5. It is mandatory to write on the cart that you can order for any wedding or party.
    So in this way your identity will be made and your business will grow.

8.Gift shop business

Be it birthday or marriage, gifts have to be given. And in such a situation, this business is also not of less profit. Although you will have to invest 3 to 4 lakhs for this business. You have to find a good place for your shop where there is a crowd of people. Keep in mind that whatever item is the gift, you should buy it from the wholesale shop only. There are shopkeepers of many gift shops who are earning 40 to 50 thousand per month.

9.Fish farming

This business is also amazing because there is a lot of profit in it. But for fish farming you must have a pond. If you have a pond then there is no better business than this. The government also encourages people for this type of business. You will also easily get a loan from the bank for this business at very low interest.
The government has promoted this type of business through the Blue Revolution scheme. For fish farming, we have to pay special attention to some things like :-

  1. The pond should be clean and tidy.
  2. Fish seeds should be of good quality i.e. should be environment friendly.
  3. Fish feed should be in sufficient quantity in the pond.
  4. Do pay attention to the pH of the water.
  5. Add cow dung and manure to the water from time to time and remove the useless organisms which can harm the fishes.

10.fruit juice business

The demand for fruit juice is high in summer, if you also have profit in this business. To start this business you have to invest 50000 to 100000 initially. First of all, you should take 1 small shop and buy all the necessary equipment. You can keep pomegranate, banana, coconut, orange etc. in fruit juice because the demand is high. You can easily earn 500 to 1000 daily from this business. It depends on how old your business is

You must know how important a broom is for cleaning the house. You will have to spend 50 thousand to 60 thousand in the business of making broom. So understand step by step how you will start the broom business.

11.Broom making business

  1. First of all you will need 2 big rooms or hall where you will keep raw mall and prepared broom.
  2. To make broom, you need wild grass from which brooms are prepared, you have to arrange them. Also, if you can make coconut brooms because coconut brooms are also widely used in the village.
  3. To start this business, you have to buy Broom cutter.
  4. In preparing the broom, you need a thin strip of steel by which you tie the broom sticks together.
  5. For a full broom, you need a plastic pipe in which you tie the broom sticks together.

12.Tattoo business

Yes, nowadays this business is very much in trend. Whether it is boys or girls, all are engaged in line to get tattoos done on their body. So if you are also interested in this business, then this business will also be better for you. For this you should have knowledge of tattoo making. If not, then you can easily learn it through any institute. A lot of money is charged for making professional tattoos, which can be of great benefit.

I hope you have liked these 12 Unique Business Ideas. You can select any one of the 12 Unique Business Ideas

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