Google My Business : -First of all we will know what is “Google my Business”, after that we will tell you its benefits as well as how to list your business in it. Friends, in today’s time it has become very easy to do business online, you can handle the business sitting at home. For online business, you must have either a smartphone or a computer. We need creativity to establish any business. Yes, if you have creativity and business sense, then you can handle any business well and earn good profits! So in today’s special post, I will tell you how you can make your business accessible to as many people as possible through google my business. So let’s get started!

What is Google My Business

Use Of Google My Business

What is Google my Business:- Friends, explaining in a simple way, “Google my Business” is a great tool launched by google where you list any of your small or big business so that the customer can reach you easily. As you know, this is the era of internet and most of the people today buy goods online. In such a situation, google my business can prove to be very beneficial for your business. Google my Business provides many facilities to your customers like your address, your phone number, your shop address or location via map! Customer can also contact you directly through your phone that is given in google my business. Yes Customers can easily find your business online through google my business.

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Benefits of Google my Business

Benefit of Google my Business: – Now the question comes that what are the benefits we can get from google my business. So let’s tell you in detail.

  1. Through google my business, you can give information about your products to your customers. Actually, as soon as someone searches any product related to your business or business on google, then your details will be visible to them. Like your phone number, email, website, your address etc. So in this way more and more customers will contact you.
  2. If you have many business competitors in your area, then it becomes even more important that you list your business on google my business. This is very important if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.
  3. You can also share photos or videos of your product through google my business so that customers can understand your business better.
  4. You can give information about your products to customers sitting at home only with the help of your mobile or computer, whereas if you do the same work offline then a lot of time and money will be wasted. How to Start Saya Business ! Top 3 Business Ideas

How to List your Business in Google my Business

You can use Google my business absolutely free, not only this, you can easily list your business on it. Google My Business is very easy to use.Now I am going to tell you how you can list your business in google my business. Friends, it is very easy to list any business in google my business, just you have to follow my given steps. And you must have a Gmail account, if you do not have a Gmail account, then first create a Gmail account by clicking here. After that follow the steps given below!

  1. First of all you have to open google in your smartphone or computer and type “google my business” there. After that you have to click on the topmost website!
  2. After that you have to fill all your details, keep in mind that you have to fill all the details correctly so that customers can reach you easily!
  3. Especially fill your phone number and address correctly so that the customer can call you! Don’t forget to verify after entering the phone number!
  4. When you fill all the details, then google will verify your business and then publish it! That’s why give the name of your business what it really is!

Tips :-

  1. Keep in mind that on google my business, you should enter the name of the business in your profile.
  2. Please enter your location and phone number in google my business, this is very important.
  3. Must select on which day your business is open or closed in google my business.

How to add call button

How to add call button on google my business

How to add call button on google my business :-At first You have open your Business profile then click on Edit Info…Then make sure you have entered your phone number..After approval Google will automatically show Call Now Option.

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Hope all your confusions have been cleared! If you have any question regarding google my business, then you can ask us by mail, thank you

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