Free Business Listing Sites: – In today’s post, I am going to tell you about the Top 5 Free Business Listing Sites which will help in giving shape to your business. So hello friends, for the popularity of any business it is very important to promote that business. Customers will be able to reach you only when people know your business. That’s why it is necessary that you tell people about your business. For the growth of the business, now the online medium is many times better than offline. That’s why you can make your business accessible to people online so that customers interested in your product can reach you easily. I am going to tell here about the top 5 Free Business Listing Sites, through this you can easily promote your business online, it will definitely increase the number of your customers. Not only this, if you do online business like blogging etc. then with the help of these free business listing sites, you also get backlinks, with the help of Free Business Listing Sites you can rank your website in Google search.

Free Business Listing Sites
Free Business Listing Sites

So, without delay, let me tell you about the top 5 Free Business Listing Sites which are absolutely free.

Google My Business

1. Google My Business: – Google My Business is at the top of the list of Free Business Listing Sites. Let me tell you how Google My Business helps in the growth of your business. When you list your business in Google My Business and fill in all the details, Google shows your address, phone number, map, etc. to your customers. The special thing is that Google mainly tells about your business to those who live in your area. With this, more and more customers will join you or will know about your business. How to add a phone number in Google My Business, you will get all this information here.

Facebook Page

2. Facebook Page: – Facebook Page, is the easiest way in today’s time to tell people about a business. Through a Facebook page, you can not only list your business but also promote it through Facebook ads. Yes, if you want to tell people about your business at a particular location, then you can promote your business through Facebook ads. All you have to keep in mind is that when you create a Facebook page, Your page name must match the business name and keep updating your followers about your product daily. As you know that there will hardly be anyone in India who will not have an account on Facebook, so it is better for you to list your business on Facebook.

Bing places for business

3. Bing places for business:- Bing places for business is number three on my list of Free Business Listing Sites. This is also similar to Google My Business, through Bing places for business you can also reach to your customers. Bing is the second largest search engine after Google, so definitely bing can help you in the growth of your business. To add your BUSINESS in bing, you have to claim your business by going to Bing places for business. You can also visit Bing places for business directly from here.


4. Yellowpages:– On yellow pages also you can list your business for free. To claim your business on the yellow pages, you have to click on claim your listing, after that, you have to fill in complete details with your address, and business name. If you have a website, you can add that too. Visit the yellow pages.

Free listing India

5. Free listing India:- You can add your business on freelistingindia in both paid and free ways. Freelistingindia is especially good for online business. it can help you to rank any type of website (eg:-shopping, blog, etc.)via getting backlinks in search engines.

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