Hello friends, “what is a business development executive”, if you have come up with this question, then this post is for you. To run any business, we have to prepare a strategy for its growth. The main job of business development executives is to increase sales whether it is done by adding new clients or by enticing old customers with additional offers. Also, it is the business development executive’s job to find and promote new ideas for the growth of the company. That is, the business development executive works to increase the revenue of the company, such as by making a sales plan for the products and fixing its target.

What is Business Development Executive
What is Business Development Executive

Business Development Executive Responsibilities

  1. Business development executives should have proper information about all the products of their company.
  2. Business development executives should have all those skills so that they can add new clients to the company whether by direct contact with the clients or by convincing them.
  3. Meeting with new and potential clients and keeping them updated about the products.
  4. Informing clients about new products from time to time.
  5. Taking feedback on products from clients.
  6. Informing the company about the shortcomings in the products on the basis of feedback.
  7. Keeping in mind the needs of the clients and making changes in the products accordingly.
  8. Collecting email id, phone numbers,s, etc. of potential clients and informing them about the products
  9. It is also very important for the business development executive to have the right knowledge of the market so that they do not miss any new sales opportunities. That’s why BDE needs to research the needs of the market properly and sell its products accordingly.
  10. Along with this, the work of BDE is also to analyze the work performance of its competitors. So that we can change our strategy to beat our competitors

Business Development Executive Skills

  1. As a business development executive, you must have excellent communication skills so that you can convince clients, hold meetings with them and explain your products properly.
  2. Having the ability to think of something different and new.
  3. Must have organizational skills.
  4. Ability to motivate clients.
  5. It is also very important to have IT skills.
  6. Having the trick to negotiate.
  7. Having all the knowledge of the company’s products and being able to sell them under any circumstances.

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What are the requirements for a business development executive

  1. Graduation with a course like Business Administration or Marketing is essential.
  2. Excellent communication skills in English and regional language is also essential.
  3. Complete knowledge of the networking field.
  4. Excellent research skills with resourceful evidence.
  5. Have the ability to increase company revenue by suggesting the best products.
  6. It is also very important for you to have experience for this post in a good company.

If we talk about the salary of BDE, then it depends on their experience. Still, fresher gets starting 15k to 20k monthly salary in India. After that, as your experience increases, your salary will also increase.

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