Courier Business: Courier Business is a such business that is one of the most successful businesses in modern times. But friends, to make any business successful, it requires dedication, hard work, and money. So start your business with patience because it takes time to make a business successful. Before starting the business, it is very important to have the right information and plan for the business, only then you will be able to face every difficulty that may come in the future. You can also easily start a courier business in India. In today’s special article, I am going to provide you with all the information related to the courier business, so read this post till the end.

How to Start a Courier Business In India
How to Start a Courier Business In India

What is the courier business?

A company that provides service to large companies and customers. Under this, the courier company works to deliver documents, goods, and many other types of services to the customers. That is, you can say that if a company or person wants to deliver its products to another person with some benefit, then all this can be done easily by the courier company. You must have ordered goods from sites like Amazon and Flipkart many times. Courier companies are associated with these sites and as soon as any goods are ordered, the goods reach directly to the courier partner of the shopping sites. And then the courier company delivers your goods to your home.

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Future of Courier Business in India

Friends, in today’s time, instead of shopping at shops, people order goods more from online shopping sites. Today everyone has smartphones and ordering goods online is also very easy. Friends, not only this, customers get new and unique products easily at cheap prices on shopping sites, so people prefer online shopping more. Actually, when you buy any goods online, the courier company delivers the goods ordered from shops and sites to you. In this way, along with the commission, the courier company also gets a fixed amount.

Let me tell you that according to the data for 2020 and 2021, the courier market in India had a profit of about 25 crores. Friends, many such villages and cities of India are still deprived of courier service, so by starting courier service in those places, you can earn a lot of income. If you want, you can start this business by associating with big companies like Amazon, Meesho, and Flipkart. In the coming time, this business can make you a millionaire because it is a fast-growing business and the demand for courier service is also very high.

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Two Ways to Start Courier Business

Start your own company: To start your own courier business, you will need a lot of money because, in a courier business, you will need a lot of employees who will work to deliver the goods from one address to another. If you want to start your own courier business, then for this, you may need many investors who can invest money in your company and then you will need to take many types of licenses. The entrepreneur has to make a huge investment in starting his own courier business. If you want to start your own courier company then you should have crores of rupees. Even if an entrepreneur wants to start a courier business for a particular city, the entrepreneur will require a huge investment.

Friends, the reason for this is that the entrepreneur has to set up a warehouse, logistics, transportation, etc. to start this business. For this reason, the entrepreneur has to invest a huge amount in this business. Apart from all this, you will also have to register the company. Entrepreneurs can register their courier company in many ways. Like: Private Limited, Partnership, Proprietorship, etc.

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By Franchise: Friends, you can start a courier business by taking Franchise. If you do not have much money to invest in this business, then this business can also be started by taking a franchise. To start a courier business as a franchisee, you have to join a big courier company. There are many such companies in India which are continuously expanding. To take a franchise, you have to contact those companies. Doing a courier business by taking a franchise is the best way for small investors. In fact, when you take the franchise of a big courier company, you do not have to spend money for warehouse, transportation, marketing, logistics, etc. All the expenses are borne by the courier company.

So in this way, you can start a courier business with very low expenses. Most people start a courier business by taking a franchise because you have to spend crores to set up a new company. Let me tell you that if you want to start your own company, then first of all you should start your career in this field only by taking a franchise. If you do this then you will be able to face and analyze the difficulties faced in this area. This will definitely increase your experience which is very important. So I will give you the same suggestion if you want to start your own courier company, then, first of all, increase your experience by taking franchisee. There are many advantages of doing business with a franchise which is mentioned below:

  • It will enhance your experience.
  • You will be ready to face the problems coming in the future by knowing them.
  • Will be able to understand the market situation and plan accordingly.

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There are many reputed companies in India whose franchises you can start this business.

  1. DHL Private Limited
  2. Overnight Express Limited.
  3. Fredex India

Let me tell you that companies have some guidelines and eligibility for taking franchisees. The rules of all companies may be different but the common guidelines are given below, read carefully:

  1. To take a franchise, you must have all the necessary licenses and tax-related documents.
  2. You must also have enough land. If you want, you can start this business even on rented land.
  3. Apart from this, you will have to deposit some amount as security to the courier company. Different companies may have different demands.
  4. Bank documents like scan copies of passbooks and bank statements can be demanded from the entrepreneur.
  5. You may also have to enter into a logistics agreement with the courier company.

What are Franchises and how to start?

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