Saffron Cultivation In India 2023: Saffron is known for its limitless properties and exquisite aroma. As much as the fragrance of saffron fascinates the human mind, it is more beneficial for human health. Due to the high cost of saffron, it is also called red gold. Saffron has been used as a medicine since time immemorial. Saffron has special importance in Ayurveda. Saffron is used in the treatment of many diseases. Along with this, now saffron is also used to increase Sundarta. You must have used soap containing saffron, not only this, saffron is also used in many beauty products. And this is the reason why people cultivate saffron on a large scale.

In today’s special article, I am going to give you complete information related to saffron cultivation. Therefore, read all the information related to saffron cultivation carefully and start its cultivation. As I told you that saffron is sold very expensive, so the saffron cultivation business can prove to be a very profitable business in India.

Nutrients found in Saffron

Friends, saffron farming is very beneficial, saffron is sold up to lakhs of rupees per kg. It is very beneficial and healthy for human health. When a woman is pregnant, doctors advise her to mix saffron in milk and drink it. Saffron has a special place in Ayurveda. Heart-related diseases do not occur when saffron is used properly. Not only this, saffron also plays an important role in purifying your blood. Vitamins B6, A, C, potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, and magnesium are found in abundance in saffron.

Apart from this, saffron also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And this is the reason why there is a great demand for saffron in the market. That’s why friends, you can also earn crores by doing saffron cultivation. All you need is to know what is saffron cultivation and how to do it.

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Suitable place for saffron cultivation

Friends, saffron is also cultivated on a large scale in India. If you also want to cultivate saffron, then it is very important for you to know which is the suitable place for cultivation. Friends, saffron is mainly cultivated in Europe and Asian countries only. However, due to the importance of saffron, its cultivation is being started in other continents as well. Let me tell you that Iran and Spain are included in the list of most saffron-cultivating countries in the world. Snowy areas are considered the best places for saffron production. If you also live in those areas then the saffron farming business is best for you.

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Soil for Saffron Cultivation

Friends, the best soil for saffron cultivation is smooth, red soil and loamy soil. But apart from this, it is also cultivated in states like Rajasthan where there is severe heat and where the soil is sandy. If you want to cultivate it, first of all, make sure that the PH value of the land is normal. Along with this, there should not be any problem of water logging at the place of cultivation. Saffron cultivation requires a temperature of 10 degrees to 20 degrees. But if saffron cultivation is taken care of properly, it can give a good yield even at 30-degree temperatures.

Where is saffron cultivated the most in India?

Saffron cultivation is the maximum in Kashmir of India. Apart from this, it is also cultivated on a large scale in Srinagar. Let us tell you that its cultivation starts in the month of August and it starts flowering in October. Saffron cultivation is most prosperous in Srinagar due to the abundance of red clay soil.

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Improved Varieties of Saffron

There are not many varieties of saffron. There are mainly two varieties of saffron, one American and the other Kashmiri. The saffron of Kashmiri Mongra variety is the most expensive. Let me tell you that it is sold for 3 to 4 lakh rupees per fort. Actually, in India, it is mainly cultivated in cold areas only. They are so expensive because of very less cultivation and high demand. Let us tell you that the maximum height of this type of saffron plant is only 25 cm. Saffron plants come in flowers of many colors such as blue, purple, and white. These flowers have petals which are known as saffron.

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American saffron

This saffron is also cultivated in many such places in India where the climate is dry. This type of saffron is cultivated in Rajasthan. The plants of this variety of saffron can be up to four to five feet tall. Their flowers also have fibers which are of yellow color. When these fibers turn red, they are plucked.

Method of cultivation of saffron

Plowing Field

First of all deep plowing should be done and then the proper quantity of fertilizers should be added. Now add cow dung manure and mix the cow dung well in the soil with the help of a cultivator. After that, make the soil loose and level with the help of a rotavator by adding water to the field. When the field becomes level, there will be no problem of water logging in it.

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How to plant saffron seeds (seed sowing and irrigation)

6 months is sufficient for saffron cultivation. For saffron cultivation, seeds should be sown in the month of August. While planting seeds, keep in mind that the distance between the plants should be at least 1 foot. Tell you, if you are thinking about the cultivation of Kashmiri Mogra saffron, then you will need at least one and a half quintal seeds in 1 hectare. If we talk about irrigation in saffron cultivation, then 2 times a month in the winter season and 2 times a week in the summer season are necessary.

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