Simple Business Ideas: Friends, unemployment is at its peak. In such a situation, people want to start an easy and simple business. This means such a business in which one does not have to invest much money. The business ideas that I am going to tell you through this article, you will need very little money and the profit will also be good. These simple business ideas can open your luck, so definitely read this article completely. To start any business, it is mandatory to have all the information related to that business. So without wasting time, let me tell you about some such simple business ideas which you can start easily.

Simple Business Ideas 2023
Simple Business Ideas 2023

Below are some easy and simple business ideas, choosing any of which you can start a business. These simple business ideas can change your life.

5 List of 5 Simple Business Ideas

Bread Making Business

Bread-making business is a very easy and simple business idea. Anyone can start this business because the investment in this business is very less and the profit is very high. If you start this business on a small scale, then you have to invest only 10000 rs. The demand for bread is also very high in the market. Be it, children or old people, everyone likes to eat bread. Most of the people in India use bread in abundance in the morning breakfast. And the special thing about this business is that you can start this simple business from home. Breadmaking mainly requires flour, water, dry fruits, salt, sugar, baking powder, oil, milk powder, etc. Before starting this business, it is mandatory to get a business license from FSSAI.

Also, you will need some machines to start this business. If you want to start this business then you have to buy a bread-making mold machine, dough mixer machine, oven microwave, etc. With the help of these machines, you can make bread and sell it easily in the local market. And as your profit will increase you can expand your business later by the bakery.

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Ice Cream Business

It is number 2 on the list of our easy and simple business ideas. The demand for ice cream is high not only in the summer season but also in the winter season. There will be very few people who do not like to eat ice cream, the market of ice cream is at its peak in the summer season. If in such a situation you also want to start an ice cream business, then it can prove to be a good business. However, to start the ice cream business, you will have to invest a lot of money. But still, it is included in the list of very simple business ideas because once this business gets jammed then you will not have any problem further.

To start this business, you have to buy some machines like a cooler condenser, a good quality fridge, a mixer, an ice cooler box, etc. After that select the correct location. Friends, read the complete information about how to start the business of making ice cream.

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Chalk-making Business

Chalk-making business: I have also included this business in the list of easiest and simplest business ideas. In fact, you can start this business from home by investing very little money. As you know, even today there is a lot of demand for Chowk in schools and colleges. Parents give slate and chalk to their children to write at home also because they are very cheap. There is a lot of demand for chalk in the market, so this business can be beneficial for you. To make blackboard chalk you need some raw materials like plaster of Paris, kerosene, color, water, etc.

Chalk-making Business
Chalk-making Business

Let me tell you that chalk of every color is being made for the blackboard, so you can make chalk of every color according to the demand in the market. You can use gun metal or mold to make chalk on a small scale. Its price in the market ranges from 2000 to 3000. Apart from this, if you want to do your business on a large scale, then you will have to buy a chalk-making machine, the cost of which is 60 to 80 thousand.

Catering Service

If you are also interested in cooking and feeding, then this business is better for you. Friends, Catering service is such a business that never slows down. Their demand is high in marriages, birthdays, religious functions, political functions, etc. Therefore, if you are also fond of making delicious food, then this business can make you rich. The demand for catering services is increasing day by day. You can start this business from your village or city. Keep in mind that before starting this business, select a good name for the business and then get the pump plates printed and pasted at the square intersections.

This business cannot be started alone. For this, at least 5 to 6 skilled cooks and 4 to 5 helpers will be required. After that, you will have to buy all the necessary things related to catering like a gas cylinder (optional), bowl, glass, bucket, spoon, jug, sieve, ladle, drum, chakla, rolling pin, pan, handa, lid, gas stove, big tawa baking bread, etc.

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Mineral Water Business

Whether it is summer or winter, the demand for packaged water is very high. The cost of one bottle of water in the market is more than Rs.20. The total expenditure on 1 liter of water hardly comes to 8 to 9 rupees, in such a situation this business can prove to be very profitable. This is also included in the list of very simple business ideas. Actually starting this business is very easy and this is the reason why it is also included in our list of simple business ideas. However, to start this business, you will have to invest a lot. For this, you will have to buy expensive machines and for this, you also need a good space where you can set up a mineral water plant.

You need the following machine for the bottled water business:

  1. Generator
  2. Tank
  3. Labeling machine
  4. Sealing machine
  5. Testing machine
  6. Water purification chemicals
  7. Filter and testing machine

You may have to spend up to 2 to 5 lakhs on machines depending on your scale of business. Know in detail, how can you start a Mineral Water business.

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Friends, through this article, I have told you 5 simple business ideas, out of which you can choose anyone and start a business. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via comment.

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